Quick Hits: The Find a Hill Edition

In Red Wings Land


Detroit Red Wings prospects still grinding during coronavirus crisis - Detroit Free Press

With players being told to quarantine and gyms closed, Helene talks to Shawn Horcoff about the challenge the players face with staying as well-conditioned as they can.

“First off, we want them to be safe,” Horcoff said in an interview this week with the Free Press. “I think the difficult thing is, every country seems to be handling this differently. One thing we have done is reached out to guys to see what they have available at home, or around them — are they close to a track, are they close to hills?

Something outside where they can go by themselves, without a big group around them. “So we’re trying to figure out what do they have available to them, what’s around them, and then construct something around that. That is going to be our approach the next two to four weeks, and then everything is kind of fluid.”

Both my regular workout place and my backup are now closed, but I live in a small town with plenty of open space and I own free weights, running shoes, and a bicycle. My livelihood also isn’t dependent upon being an elite-level professional athlete though. “Go find a hill” is always good advice.

Introducing #ShopSmallGoalCall

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Around the League

Coronavirus: Ottawa Senators player tests positive for COVID-19 - GlobalNews.CA

Honestly if I were taking bets on a team to have the first player test positive, I don’t know where the Sens would have landed. They do kind of fit the “of course we’re the unlucky ones” mold, but I was figuring a dirtier team like the Ducks or Bruins. This is all very silly because it’s obvious that my opinion on team characters has nothing to do with reality, but hey I’m the one with the keyboard here.

The statement added that the organization is in the process of notifying anyone who has had known close contact with the athlete and is working with team doctors and public health officials.