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Quick Hits: The Find Solutions Edition

In Red Wings Land

Don’t give a shit about Boston, but they have us at 7th?

NOTEBOOK: Red Wings using practices to ‘grow and get better’ – Red Wings

“We’re going through a gauntlet here,” Lalonde said. “Some elite and highly offensive teams. We still have a long way to go in our game.”

You could say that again.

Around the League

I’ve long appreciated Bourne’s perspective on hockey and giving us a realistic look into how things operate inside the dressing room.  I wish him the best on his path to recovery.

Oilers’ Puljujärvi unsure if his place is in the NHL: ‘Maybe I just don’t have it’ – Sporstnet

Today, Holland looks at Puljujarvi as a younger player who just can’t seem to find his way.

“It’s a hard league. That’s one of the reasons why I leave young players in the American League as long as possible,” began Holland, when presented with Puljujarvi’s quotes on Wednesday morning. “This is not a development league. This is a league where you’re judged on what you do, and not on potential. So when I hear a player like Jesse saying that he’s lost his confidence, it’s not the first time I’ve heard that.

“And I don’t really have a solution,” Holland concluded. “That’s my response: It’s a hard league.”

As a general manager, it’s your damn job to have a solution.

I said this on Twitter yesterday, but imagine if Ken Holland had ever gone to therapy to get over how he got blown up as a mediocre goalie on his four NHL games when he was with Adirondack.

I don’t think the kid needs to be coddled. Hell maybe he just doesn’t have it. The idea that guys need to spend “as long as possible” in the AHL is dumb though.

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