Quick Hits: The Fire Benning Edition

In Red Wings Land

A two-fer with the highlight!

Around the League

There’s 13 tweets in that thread and I don’t want to include the whole thing but it’s an interesting story of a fan who had a tough call to make in their fandom.

Four NHL GMs on the Hot Seat - Sports Illustrated

Jim Benning is not on the hot seat. Jim Benning is sitting in the flames.

Listen, I could sit here and write a well constructed argument for why Benning is not only worthy of the hot seat, but should be considered the worst active general manager in the NHL, And I’m sure my editor would love that. He might even give me a crisp high five, which would make my day. But that would be a fruitless endeavour.

No, I’m simply going to let Benning’s transactions speak for themselves.

It’s astounding to me he hasn’t been fired.

Fire Bowness while you’re at it.