Quick Hits: The Fix More Things Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings emphasize support in light of Chicago Blackhawks failure - Freep

“That’s something we try to stay on top off on a number of matters, not just pertaining to this particular (issue),” Wings coach Jeff Blashill said Friday. “There’s a number of things that our players go through that we want to make sure that they know that there’s support for them here. We certainly have discussed that and will continue to discuss that.”

It’s always terrible to know that what happened in Chicago was incubated by a lot of things that are embedded within hockey culture in general and not unique to that dumpster-fire of an organization.  That means it’s possible for shit like this to happen (and to have happened) in Detroit too.

That said, the words by Blashill and Gagner on this situation have given me a lot of hope that they do have a good environment.

Around the League

Hockey Hall to remove Aldrich’s name from Cup at Blackhawks’ request - NHL.Com

“I am humbly requesting that the Hockey Hall of Fame consider ‘x-ing’ out his name on the Stanley Cup. While nothing can undo what he did, leaving his name on the most prestigious trophy in sports seems profoundly wrong.”

I said this yesterday too, but the Hawks knew what Aldrich had done by the time they submitted his name as being one worthy of being etched on the cup in the first place.  That alone warrants more than just his name coming off it.