Quick Hits: The New Numbers Edition

In Red Wings Land

It’s weird because I’ve become desensitized to 8 and 18 being worn but this is the first person to wear Homer’s number since the Demolition Man himself.  It’s not that I was expecting (or wanting) that number to be retired but it’s going to be weird.

At least we get to erase Mitch Callahan.

Around the League

What I learned from this is that this league year is 185 days.

World Juniors Schedule for Today

Finland (Eemil Viro) vs. Germany at 10:00
Sweden (Edvinsson, Wallinder, Niederbach) vs. Latvia at 1:00
Canada (Sebrango, Cossa) vs. Switzerland at 5:00
USA (Mazur, Savage) vs. Czechia (Bednář) at 8:30