Quick Hits: The Get Him Outta Here Edition

In Red Wings Land

Well at least if feels like a regular hockey August in Red Wings land...

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Around the NHL

The NHL, NBC and hockey fans would be better off without Mike Milbury on air - USA Today

The frustration pouring out of female hockey fans at off-hand comments is because off-hand comments reflect off-hand thinking.

There are a lot of things in here that I want to quote, but nothing distills the point of the article down quite like this sentence.

Fortunately, the change in hockey culture seems to be taking root and the NHL was surprisingly quick about at least saying SOMETHING. It remains to be seen what will ultimately happen with a guy who should have been off the air years ago.

Saying you weren’t trying to disrespect anybody while trying to be irreverent is dumb, considering irreverent means disrespectful.