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Quick Hits: The Good Good Bad Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings Reset: 2022-23 coaching staff – Red Wings

“One of many boxes he checked was the eagerness to develop these guys, both on the ice and in the video room,” Lalonde said about Boughner on July 8. “He was ecstatic for the opportunity.”

I haven’t said it in a while but as we’re into September and things approach, I’m really excited to see how the new staff and the roster updates will play out.  My expectations aren’t sky-high, but my hopes are and since Jeff isn’t around to beat me up about how hope isn’t a strategy I’m going to roll with it.

Red Wings prospect William Wallinder focusing on personal growth – Red Wings

And while Wallinder is confident in his skating abilities, he admitted he isn’t ready for the North American-sized ice sheet just yet.

“I’m going to spend another year in Sweden with Rogle and hopefully I’ll be ready after that season,” Wallinder said. “It’s hard to tell, but hopefully, (playing in North America) translates pretty easy, so it’s like playing as usual.”

I really liked the stable defense he provided for Team Sweden at the recent rescheduled Juniors.  Kid has a good head on his shoulders.

Around the League

Ranking the NHL’s top 10 wingers: Panthers’ Matthew Tkachuk surges to top after career year – CBS

Call it recency bias, but I do think there is evidence to suggest that Tkachuk just had the best 2021-22 season out of any winger in the league. With 42 goals and 62 assists

I’ve been really good all year about not hate-sharing something just to disagree with it so I’m going to take all that back-patting and waste it on this stupid list.

First, that points total referenced is only the fourth-highest.

Second, the author goes on to point to 5-on-5 expected goals for, which Tkachuk is also not the top winger in the league in.

Also, Alex Ovechkin isn’t on this list and I think anybody can kiss his 50-goal scoring ass.

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