Quick Hits: The Good Guesses Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings only team without regulation loss, but Lalonde says ‘pump the brakes’ - MLive

“Anytime you’re building a new process, if you get results, it helps,” he said. “We’ll go through many games this year where we don’t get results with a good process and vice versa. The process has been pretty good, buy-ins pretty good. And fortunately, we’ve been rewarded. It’s exciting.

“I had someone tell me today we’re the only team without a regulation loss. I also want to be like, ‘Pump the brakes.’ Even analytically we’re an average five-on-five team. We need to improve. We’ve gotten outstanding goaltending, and our special teams to date have been very good. We’re still a long way to go to be a top team or even be in the conversation of being a middle-pack team in this league.”


Around the League

Barry Trotz says coaching Canadian NHL team comes with ‘different pressure’ - Yahoo

“Original Six, for me, I have never coached an Original Six team. That would intrigue me ... those teams always intrigue you. But the Canadian teams — you’re under the microscope. You sort of are in New York, too. I think it takes a special coach, special player, to play in Canada because there’s a different pressure.”

Yeah they’re nuts.

Price not planning to retire, unsure when he’ll play for Canadiens again - NHL

“We’ll have to take it step by step,” Price said Monday. “I don’t have a plan to retire right at this moment. Right now, my goal is to be pain free from day to day.

“I’m still having some issues getting up and down stairs, carrying my kids up and down stairs is difficult, so my first priority is to get my body in a place to where I’m pain-free in my day-to-day living and go from there.”

Huh, the guy still yet to be paid almost $24M on his contract said he’s not going to walk away from it. Weird.