Quick Hits: The Grumpy Face Edition

In Red Wings Land

Young players making Red Wings’ roster decisions more difficult - MLive

“I still think he exposes too many pucks,” Lalonde said. “I think there’s some detail with him protecting pucks, wanting to spend time with the puck. I think you’ve seen throughout camp — he’ll have some zone time and then he’ll have a rush play to the slot, or a hope play to the slot. I think there’s still some growth in his game where he can protect the puck and protect his hands and be really hard to play against, especially in the O-zone.”

I cut out the positives that Lalonde said about Söderblom which makes this criticism a lot more balanced.  I do feel Elmer will start in the AHL, but to be honest he kind of feels like the kind of prospect who shouldn’t learn too many AHL habits.

There are shorter blurbs about Veleno and Edvinsson, but nothing on Johansson or Berggren.

Around the League


Sutter has led teams to the Stanley Cup Playoffs 15 times over his career, posting a record of 94-88 which is the sixth most Stanley Cup Playoff wins in NHL history, most recently joining Quinn at 94 wins during the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

I like that this story just calls it “multi-year” without specifically telling you how many.  If you scroll down to the more-written article, it tells you it’s a two-year extension.

Hockey Canada Still Sucks

Kelseyann shared this in yesterday’s QH as well.  Thanks!