Quick Hits: The Hard No Edition

In Red Wings Land

Should Detroit Red Wings pay up in next year’s expansion draft?
A reader, C. Josefs, suggested Steve Yzerman should do so to get rid of either Justin Abdelkader or Frans Nielsen, writing “I would not be opposed to Yzerman shedding a bad contract if the “sweetener” was a third- or fourth-round draft choice or even a prospect. … Is Seattle in the same powerful position as Vegas was to demand high compensation for taking on bad contracts?”

The answer is no because the price would be too high for the benefit we would get.

It was also annoying that the second question was about bringing Babcock back, and Helene did not once mention the word abuse. Simply put, that’s indefensible. How can you possibly discuss Babcock returning without including what he did to Franzen and what he did in Toronto?

Around the NHL

2019-20 NHL Stanley Cup Contenders and Pretenders
The entire format (extra teams, a four-month layoff from the regular season, no travel, etc.) adds even more uncertainty and unpredictability to the playoffs and, quite honestly, probably anything is capable of happening this postseason.

With that in mind let us take a quick look at why your favorite team can, and can not, be the one team to win it all.

Obviously Detroit isn’t listed here.

Matt Dumba had a great speech before the Edmonton-Chicago game. Here it is in case you missed it.