Quick Hits: The Head Cannon Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings Role Call: Thomas Greiss’ Future - DetHockeyNow

Plus, Greiss may simply want to find a more competitive team. He’s 36. Some quality teams will be looking for backups. Maybe he would want to explore that. At this point, he might even consider retirement.

Given the rest of the talk is about the draft positioning and Seider’s Calder nomination, I went looking for something specifically different and found this article as just something to add to the variety.

FWIW the idea that Greiss is on his way out is pretty much the worst-kept secret around.  It doesn’t seem either side wants him back in Detroit. I don’t want him back in Detroit.  I’d be just as comfortable giving his starts to some kid while we try desperately to get a stud goalie in place behind the team at just the right time.

Around the League

Giving a guy one playoff game for something this far outside the bounds of a hockey play is ludicrous.  I am absolutely dreading having to position myself for an “I told you so” moment that comes at the expense of a player’s career and at the expense of having to relitigate the entirety of the Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore saga, but that’s what it feels like we get to when the league sits a guy for one measly game for turning his noggin into a missile.