Quick Hits: The Head-Hurter Edition

In Red Wings Land

Ranking the top 10 worst blown 3-1 series leads in NHL history - Puck Prose

This one’s in the top 5 because the Red Wings had to watch the Blackhawks become a dynasty. The Red Wings haven’t won a single postseason series since their heartbreaking Game 7. It didn’t quite kill Detroit’s playoff streak, but it put it on life support, as it ended 4 years later.

The whole post isn’t Red Wings specific but we made the top three!  We were also in another one covered, but on the right side of it.

Around the NHL

NHL Sends Mixed Message With Ryan Reaves Suspension - Sports Illustrated/THN

So which was it? Was it a reckless play or a deliberate one? The words of DOPS director George Parros don’t really give us any clarity on that. And that’s a huge distinction. If the league buys Reaves’ plea that he didn’t intend to hit Motte in the head, you might be able to justify a one-game suspension. But Parros said himself that Reaves picked the head with force. And if that’s the case, one playoff game doesn’t even come close to being enough.

It’s not surprising anymore, but it can’t be that it’s not newsworthy because when people stop pointing out how awful the league is at even pretending to discipline players, they’ve fully gotten away with it.