Quick Hits: The Hindsight Edition

In Red Wings Land

‘I want to be here’: Anthony Mantha hopes his big payday will be from Red Wings - The Detroit News

Mantha is confident a long-term deal – he could be an unrestricted free agent in two years – can be reached this offseason.

“I want to be here, I like it here,” Mantha said. “I know we’re rebuilding right now but hopefully I can be part of the future. Hopefully things go well and we can get a deal.

“I’m not stressed yet. The league is waiting to see if we’re going to finish the season or what is going to happen. We have all summer to negotiate. If we don’t have a contract before the (next) season, then I’ll be a little worried. But we have so much time. I’m pretty sure we’re going to agree on a deal.”

I also want Mantha to be here.

Red Wings’ past 10 drafts: Hits, misses, ones that got away - MLive

Here is a look back at a decade of Detroit drafts, including some that got away. It should be noted that many teams, and in some cases all clubs, overlooked some of the players the Red Wings missed out on in these drafts.

I like the gentle reminder that a bunch of teams also missed on the guys the Red Wings COULD HAVE drafted.

Around the NHL

Revisiting biggest NHL trades from the 2019 offseason - NBC Sports

… the bottom line is that the trade didn’t meet expectations for the Maple Leafs.

You love to see it.