Quick Hits: The Hockey is Being Played Edition

In Red Wings Land

Prospect Tourney Schedule

The Wings’ next game after their 5-2 win over Columbus yesterday takes place against Dallas at 6pm.

The Interstellar Clouds lost their opener to the Leafs 6-2 on Thursday night. Defending Big D has the writeup on that game.

The Wings’ website will broadcast the game.  The Youtube link will be available closer to gametime but here’s where to keep an eye out


Also, we’ll use this post as the open thread for the game.


Dylan Larkin, Red Wings negotiating new contract: ‘It’s where I want to be’ - Sportsnet

“We’re having conversations. A lot of negotiating, going back and forth. Ultimately, in my heart, it’s where I want to be,” Larkin told Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek just outside of Las Vegas. I don’t really see myself playing for another team. It’s moving along. I can’t really tell you when or how [the deal gets resolved], but that’s where I want to be.”

Around the League

Neither side wanted this to go to arbitration to decide the all-or-nothing case like this.  I’m not either side though.  I wanted to see this one decided.

Oh well, at least the Sharks can eat some dead cap space in a time where they’re still expected to suck and their billionaire owner can afford to pay Evander Kane off.  Gross.