Quick Hits: The Holding Back Edition

In Red Wings Land

Oldest living NHLer Steve Wochy just missed Red Wings’ dynasty in 1950s - The Detroit News

Now 97 and a former teammate of 19-year-old Lindsay with the 1944-1945 Red Wings and then replaced by 18-year-old Howe the following season, Steve Wochy (born Steve Wojciechowski on Christmas Day, 1922) says “hockey has been very good to me,” and doesn’t dwell on missing Detroit’s dominating stretch when they finished in first place for seven straight years and won four Stanley Cups (1950, 1952, 1954, 1955) in six years

Kind of hard to argue with getting replaced by a guy when that guy is Gordie Howe. Cool story though.

Around the NHL

The untold truth behind my online name - Raw Charge

Though I can’t necessarily say the same for what I’ve encountered online, I know I have been way more fortunate than a lot of people and women of color. Is that because I come across as a Caucasian female online? Sometimes I wonder if that’s the case. I wonder if my choice nearly a decade ago to use my white-sounding middle name online (though I have never insisted it is my last name) has led to that being the case, where it looks like I have the racial privilege I normally don’t when I meet someone in person.

One of the weirdest experiences for me online was in noticing how much more flak my female friends online got for opinions that I would share just as freely without so much pushback. For a while, I was dumb enough to think that it was because I was just really good at fighting with people online.

31 Thoughts: What’s holding up NHL playoffs proposal? - Sportsnet

The players want to know what they could be coming back to. The league wants some buzz. The Return to Play Committee’s met almost on a daily basis to hammer out a solution. Eventually, you have to stick out your neck.

It’s an imperfect time in an imperfect world. Go with something and make the best of it.

Yeah at some point you definitely have to rush forward even if things aren’t figured out because that works great in a pandemic.

The only Wings-related stuff is an idea that only the seven teams left out in a 24-team playoff would be in the lottery.