Quick Hits: The It’s Not Coming Home Edition

In Red Wings Land

Slim pickings yesterday, but the official site has a prospect profile video on draft eligible wingers. It’s the main story as I type this, but it may not be tomorrow. In addition to some articles coming up, next Monday’s episode of Fer Sure is going to be draft-centric, featuring both Will from the Scouching website and Dylan Galloway of Future Considerations.


Around the NHL

10 Days Away: Tracking the 'Vegas 30'
Tracking the "Vegas 30" is a fun and instructive way to get a sense of how the expansion draft offers a multi-layered approach to building a competitive NHL roster. It provides insight into how Francis might (emphasis on...) build the Kraken. Let's be clear Kraken front office plan's first active phase is one we will all find out together July 21.

Only 9 days now until every team except for Vegas loses a player.

The latest article in our expansion draft series covers, yet again, Detroit’s situation.

Sorry to any England fans and congratulations to any Italian ones.