Quick Hits: The Keep Coming Back Edition

In Red Wings Land

‘I want to keep playing’: Jimmy Howard knows days in Detroit might be numbered - The Detroit News

“Absolutely,” said Howard, of whether he’d like to finish his career in Detroit. “I love this state, this city, and this city is home to us now. I would want to finish my career a Red Wing.

“But at the same time, I’ve been around this game long enough to realize there comes a time when you have to separate ties. If that’s the way it’ll have to go, I’ve mentally prepared for that. My wife and I have talked about it a little bit, and if that’s going to be the case, it’ll have to be the case.”

There’s a lot more in here that shows Howard has a good mature head on him about how things have gone and might go down the line. I do think there’s at least a narrow path in which the Red Wings signing Howard to another contract could make sense, but there are a ton of qualifiers on that beyond the simple monetary consideration of how long (one year) and how much (quite little).

If Howard comes back, his contract itself would be his only ticket to a chance for a job with the Wings. I would want reassurance that he’d we willing to accept a job mentoring guys in Grand Rapids if that’s where he can best be of service on the contract.

Around the NHL

Just one more stepping stone before Stevie hires him.

Sens Foundation cuts ties with Ottawa Senators - CBC.CA

Founded in 1998, the foundation raised millions of dollars to support local charities and community programs that help children and youth across Ottawa.

The current agreement with the NHL club, which grants the foundation the right to use team trademarks including the Senators name and logos, expires on July 31, and won’t be renewed, the foundation said in a news release.

Eugene Melnyk is embarrassing.

Silence is Violence | By Mark Fraser  - The Players’ Tribune

Only a majority can fix this. Only the majority can make a difference. We need laws to change along with the system of accountability. United we stand, divided we fall.