Quick Hits: The Keep Loanin’ Loanin’ Loanin’ Loanin’ (What?) Edition

I’m so sorry for the headline of this article

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Coyotes would need to be 'very creative' to sign Hall, GM says
"It'd have to be very creative to keep him [in Arizona]," Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong said Wednesday. "That's something we're going to explore. We're never going to turn our eye to talent like that. He's a heck of a player, but we've got to explore. These are [things that are] going to happen between now and free agency. We're going to explore everything."

For starters, they’re going to have to convince him they are a team other than Arizona.

TSN Original: The Problem of Pain - Video - TSN
Playing through injury, sacrificing your body, blocking a shot, fighting to stand up for a teammate. Hockey players are praised for their courage and willingness to withstand pain, and doing whatever it takes to win no matter the cost. Here is the TSN Original: The Problem of Pain.

Everyone knows that hockey players play through a lot of pain. This documentary shows just how bad the results of that can be, that we often don’t hear about.