Quick Hits: The Leading Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings seeking reset during four-game trip where points are available - MLive

“This has been a will group. I wouldn’t go as far as an over-achieving group with the start we’ve had, but we’re not there with our team,” coach Derek Lalonde said. “Which is fine. I think the guys expect that and know that. We have to be … I’m not going to say perfect, but we’ve got to be exact to be successful, and when we’re not there’s nights you can look like that.”

Lalonde said nobody is going to deny his team isn’t there yet from a talent aspect.

“I think that’s the reality,” he said. “There’s a reason we were projected to be not a playoff team. But with that said, when this team plays the right way, we’re fine. I think we know how to play the right way. It’s just we take it off just the slightest, it can pile up.”

This post went up before the LA game but this (and the rest of the article) does well to lay things out.  That game was two periods of being closer to exact and one period of screwups ending up in the back of our net.  When we’ve got a bit more experience and a bit more skill the mistakes won’t cost them as much AND they’ll be less-frequent.

He may never come over, but if he ever wants to, his rights are ours.

Around the League

This quote goes hard.

New rule changes to be discussed at NHL GM meetings - Sportsnet

The coach’s challenge and video review for major penalties are topics to be discussed at the upcoming NHL general manager meetings on Tuesday, Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek reported Saturday night on the 32 Thoughts segment of Hockey Night in Canada.

We already talked about the offside review, but I don’t know why they’d look to change the rule that allows officials to review a major. It gives them more incentive to call one and I don’t think they were called often enough in the past.