QUICK HITS: The ‘leaked’ edition

LCA evacuated and potential landing spots for Toews

Red Wings Rumblings

LCA evacuated, 2 injured due to chemical leak

Yikes! Thankfully there wasn’t anything happening at the time.

Cool stuff happening in Grand Rapids this weekend. Might be worth checking out if you’re in GR or going to a game:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Alex Nedeljkovic gets the start for Grand Rapids both Saturday and Sunday. Depending on how that would go, I imagine he could be packing his bags and headed home.

Tough loss for a pair of the Red Wings top prospects:

FIVE shots on goal for William Wallinder, though. Add that in with the amount of ice time he’s getting... The ceiling looks real high for him. I’m excited to see what happens when he arrives on this side of the pond.

NHL Nonsense

Sportsnet: Four proposals Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews

Here’s a longwinded article that gives the four obvious teams who would have interest, and guess what! Detroit is not one of them.