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Quick Hits: The Less Brownies more Cookies Edition

In Red Wings Land

Rasmussen’s answer though.

Around the League

IIHF cancels remainder of 2022 World Junior Championship hockey due to COVID-19 cases – ESPN

“We owed it to the participating teams to do our best to create the conditions necessary for this event to work,” IIHF president Luc Tardif said. “Unfortunately, this was not enough. We now have to take some time and focus on getting all players and team staff back home safely.”

Thanks to Blaize19 for sharing this in the comments of yesterday’s QH but I wanted to make sure everybody saw it.

There’s also an official presser from the NHL on another modification to their protocols (based on the recent CDC guidance)

NHL and NHLPA Agree to Modify COVID Protocol

Specifics of the changes to the Protocol after a positive test include:

Isolate for five days;

If the individual has a fever, continue to isolate until their fever resolves;

If the individual has no symptoms or their symptoms are resolving after five days, they can leave isolation and return to practices and games, provided the following conditions are met:

A lab-based PCR test that is negative, or a lab-based PCR test that has a CT value >30, or two negative molecular point of care tests collected >2 hours apart; and,

Medical clearance from the individual’s Club physician; and,

Such exit is permitted by their local health authority.

The individual shall continue to always wear a mask around others for five additional days, other than for practices and games.

All other aspects of the Protocol remain in place.

The NHL’s and NHLPA’s medical experts will re-evaluate these measures on or before Jan. 12.

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