Quick Hits: The Let the Pups Play Edition

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Theo Niederbach Is Ready to Step Up for Sweden - SI

“Both Holtz and Raymond are really skilled players and the role of the center between them is maybe more about defensive responsibility,” Niederbach said. “I may not be a two-way center like Karl Henriksson, but if I play with Holtz and Raymond, I can take that responsibility in the ‘D’ zone and complete those two. I will do everything I can to take the opportunity - I want to be a leading player; I can take that role.”

He’s either Henrik Zetterberg or Joakim Andersson - no other possibilities I’m afraid.

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Based on this model, the Wings would have either the 11th or 12th-best lottery odds in a tie with Arizona and would finish ahead of teams like Vancouver, the Rangers and Anaheim.

FWIW I don’t think this is accurate. What I’m more interested in is what kind of a nightmare would this be for us? These standings would leave Detroit right in that terrible bubble-team doldrums where they’re not good enough to compete and now they’re also looking at picking outside the top ten.  A lot of developmental things could go right and make this situation not exactly nightmarish, but I suppose we’ll find things to worry about no matter where the Wings finish.