Quick Hits: The Like You Edition

In Red Wings Land

Thanks to RockyMtnWingsFan for bringing this up in regards to a question about whether Alex Nedeljkovic’s relative excitement about playing the puck helps or hurts the team compared to Husso.

The question comes about 2:24 into the interview and Lalonde doesn’t give a great solid answer, but if you want to (perhaps irresponsibly) read subtext, coach mentions that Husso is calm and quiet but he doesn’t say that about Ned.

I’m sure if Luff were given the choice of potentially having to go back to earning his minors salary because Sundqvist is returning or having his face smashed into the boards, he’d have taken the non-face-smashing option, but that choice wasn’t his.

Around the League

I read this as “no one likes him” at first and the more I think about it the more convinced I am that this is what it SHOULD say.

Now we wait to see what Slafkovsky gets for trying to Claude Lemieux our own Matt Luff last night.