Quick Hits: The Little Adversity Edition

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‘A little adversity’: Bruins drop 2nd straight for 1st time - ESPN

“We’re facing a little adversity right now,” Boston coach Jim Montgomery said on his postgame interview on NESN. “First time all year that we haven’t prevailed in two games in a row. So, we’re going to have look at what we’re doing wrong, and ways to get better.”

No record of this being tongue-in-cheek makes it funny.

For context:

The rumor going around was that Zegras said something to Stecher about his father (who passed away in 2020).  Amateur lip-readers are convinced he said “he’s watching”.

I’m not a lip-reader.  I know Zegras said something to get Stecher real heated. I’m sure they’ll get it figured out between the two of them.