Quick Hits: The Locks Edition

In Red Wings Land

Just to close the loop on this from yesterday, Simon Edvinsson talked to a Hockeynews.se reporter where he confirmed the food poisoning story:


- I don’t recommend it. But uh, it’s something you have to take. Things happen all the time, food poisoning was a bit more troublesome than the injury, but we are professional hockey players and should be able to deal with it, says the former Frölundabacken.

Three questions facing Detroit Red Wings - NHL

“I think I’d have to temper expectations,” said Lalonde, a two-time Stanley Cup winner as a Lightning assistant (2020, 2021). “We got great in Tampa when we literally just … We started focusing on the process. I know that sounds like such a cliché, but to sit there and talk about making the playoffs and where we’re going to be or putting a number on wins, I think that’s foolish, and that can hurt you. That can go the wrong way.”

Reasonable take from Lalonde

Around the League

I’ve never seen a list of trade conditions this convoluted, but I think Montreal did real well getting a first rounder to take on the one-year of Monahan and to push it out to a year that the Flames are more likely to be in the lottery.

Every NHL team’s most likely future Hall of Famer: Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin among locks - CBS

Detroit Red Wings: Moritz Seider (D)

Current Hall of Fame “lock”: No

Seider started off his NHL career by winning the Calder Trophy this year.

In his rookie campaign, Seider tallied 50 points (seven goals & 43 assists) and became just the fifth defenseman to win the Calder Trophy in the past 20 years.

He obviously has a long way to go in his career, but producing an award-winning season in his first professional year certainly sets the bar high.

Interesting case here because if Seider gets in, it’ll be weird to think Larkin wouldn’t also be in the conversation, but a lot can happen in the 10+ years it will take to make this a reality.