Quick Hits: The Long Island Retirement Home Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings can help the cap-strapped Islanders for a price - Detroit Jock City

It was either this post or a post from the day before where Helene is grinding an axe about the Rasmussen draft and I’m tired of that so here’s a trade idea that I don’t get.

There is another fairly high-priced forward under contract for the next four seasons without a no-trade clause attached to his contract. Perhaps Yzerman could swing a deal to land center Josh Bailey.

Bailey is 31 on that contract that goes four more seasons and the writer seems to think that trading Glendening to the Isles to make this happen could POSSIBLY land us a bonus 4th-rounder.

I.. I don’t know.  That’s a lot of term to help the Isles with a cash problem on a player who has already seen his best years.  Our track record of acquiring former Islanders centers isn’t good and this one fills me with the kind of dread I’m still recovering from during the darkest days of the Ken Holland era of squeezing the very last drops of juice out of the streak.

Ordinarily my rule of thumb is that a deal has to be uncomfortable enough for me to hate but also promising enough for me to want to see it happen anyway.  This one only fulfills the first.

Around the NHL

Ward hired by Golden Knights as AHL assistant - NHL.com

“It’s a new start, new job. You’re excited, you’re nervous, a lot of emotions,” Ward said. “I’m just so thankful for the opportunity to do something that I love to do. Hockey has been a big part of my life forever, and now I’m just so excited to get back into it.”

Joel Ward played for two teams I hated (and another two I didn’t) and every time the Wings faced him, he did something that frustrated me with appreciation.