Quick Hits: The Long Weekend Ahead Edition

In Red Wings Land

Ilitch Holdings, Inc. commits $1 million to support part-time event staff - Redwings.com

This fund will cover our part-time colleagues’ wages for the Red Wings four home games that were paused; Detroit Pistons eight home games that were suspended; and for the Detroit Tigers six Spring Training games that were cancelled at Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland, FL. This also will include our Little Caesars Arena and Fox Theatre colleagues impacted by the postponement of concerts and events, which currently includes:

Around the League

As close as we’re ever going to get to double-secret probation.  The league doesn’t know how to suspend a guy because they don’t know whether these are going to be early-season, late season or possibly even playoff games that he has to sit for and this all magically plays into their decision process, so they’re stuck in limbo with Lemieux being in Schrodinger’s Penalty Box.


Hey you gotta fill content somehow and THN did so by allowing a videogame to simulate games. It’s no worse than listening to people talk about their fantasy teams so here you go:

Washington Capitals – 5

Detroit Red Wings – 2

An early 2-0 lead wouldn’t last for Detroit thanks to a classic performance from T.J. Oshie. Oshie had a part in all of Washington’s five goals in the third period and led the team with seven hits. Jimmy Howard still can’t catch a break in the Red Wings’ net.

Three Stars

1. T.J. Oshie WSH (3-2–5)

2. Brayden Holtby, WSH (26 saves)

3. Jakub Vrana, WSH (0-2–2)

I don’t know what’s more-offensively wrong with the simulation here: that it had Jimmy Howard start the game or that it gave Detroit credit for 28 shots on goal.