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Quick Hits: The Looking Forward to Looking Forward Edition

In Red Wings Land

I was under the impression that we’d get all the results from this poll at once instead of piecemeal.   Not doing a full post on this obvious bit of info.

Sound out if you’re in that 6% though.  I just want to talk.

Steve Yzerman ‘cautiously optimistic’ about deeper Red Wings – MLive

Yzerman is not prepared to proclaim the team is ready to compete for a playoff spot, however, after finishing 26 points out in 2021-22 at 32-40-10.

“If we can be more competitive on the road, match up a little bit better against the top teams, win on back-to-back nights, that would give me some optimism that maybe we can push forward,” Yzerman said. “But for me to talk about the playoffs now, it’s so far off.

Yzerman setting realistic expectations is very very refreshing.

Around the League

Malmö Redhawks want to bring Frans Nielsen into a leadership role – Hockey Sverige

This spring, the Dane put his skates on the shelf after playing in the Olympics and World Cup for Denmark and has since been given a role as a player development consultant for the NHL team Seattle Kraken. It is thus unclear what role he could get in the Malmö Redhawks.

Always going to root for Nielsen to be happy in whatever he does.  I just feel badly for how things played out for him.  He was real easy to blame as a symptom of the downfall after the Datsyuk situation, but that had absolutely nothing to do with his heart or willingness.

NHL Training Camp Blog: Chychrun discusses ongoing trade rumours – Sportsnet

“I don’t want these years to keep going by and be 10, 12 years in the league and not have a real good chance or shot at not only the playoffs but winning the Stanley Cup,” Chychrun said. “I think the team understands that.”

I kind of like this level of honesty from a young kid.  Everybody knows the situation there kinda sucks.  He seems to understand he’s still got to work hard despite still being on a team he doesn’t want to be on.

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