Quick Hits: The Looking to the Future Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings to unveil Esports Lounge for youth at local Boys & Girls Clubs - NHL

The Learn, Play, Score Esports + Hockey program will deliver necessary tools and experiences for hundreds of BGCSM youth members to discover the exciting cross-section of Esports, gaming and professional sports as they realize ways to unlock their own potential. Interacting with the latest technology, experiencing hands-on workforce opportunities, and learning the powerful principles in hockey, Esports + Hockey aims to serve as a catalyst for kids in metro Detroit to achieve their dreams.

Cool way for the Red Wings to invest in the future of people they want to do work for them.

Around the League

An updated look at which teams have realistic chance to make Stanley Cup Playoffs - NBC Sports

In the Eastern Conference, literally nothing has changed. The eight playoff teams look to be completely set with the only thing remaining to be decided being seeding and First Round matchups. There is literally only one team outside of the current playoff teams that had a points percentage for the season higher than .482, and that team is the Columbus Blue Jackets at .527. That is an 86-point pace over an 82-game season. That will not get a team close to a playoff spot in any season.

Huh it doesn’t look like Detroit is going to make up a 15 point deficit in 26 games.