Quick Hits: The Love to Hate Edition

In Red Wings Land

SB Nation Rivalry Week: Why we hate the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings - Broad Street Hockey

I included this because, a few annoying jabs aside, a lot of this is “we hated them because they were good.” Maybe in a few seasons other teams will hate playing us for reasons other than having to listen to “My Own Worst Enemy.”
It’s Rivalry Week at the mothership (SB Nation) and we’re taking part by airing our grievances with each and every NHL team. None will be sparred, not even NHL Seattle.

Settle in as we talk about the Detroit Red Wings, a team that plays in an arena named after a product that’s offensive to Italy.

Around the NHL

Super 16: Top defensemen playing in Stanley Cup Qualifiers

Here’s a look at some of the best defensemen you can watch if the NHL resumes
Victor Hedman of the Tampa Bay Lightning was ranked first by seven of 13 voters as the best defensemen among the 24 teams that are part of the Return to Play Plan.

Hedman was ranked No. 2 by the other six voters, which gave him enough points to finish at the top of the Super 16, eight points ahead of Roman Josi of the Nashville Predators, who was ranked No. 1 by five voters. John Carlson of the Washington Capitals received the other No. 1 vote.

In other NHL news, this is so great to see.