Quick Hits: The Make it Work Edition

In Red Wings Land

This is pretty cool for the new GM of the Griffins (BTW, if you missed that news, it’s true: Pat Verbeek, following the departure of Ryan Martin takes over as the AHL GM, as is the usual for assistant GMs.)

There’s also this:

Around the League

Part of this is just public negotiations, but the reality of the situation is that the Coyotes were driven to Phoenix by a trucking magnate who got one over on Gary Bettman and leveraged the team  for a real-estate scheme and they’ve suffered from that decision ever since.  Despite that, they’ve grown hockey culture in the desert there and DO have a fanbase.  It would be a shame if they have to leave the area  after suffering from a bunch of decisions that would have damaged a team in a colder climate as well.

Move them to Phoenix. They always should have been there.