Quick Hits: The Making Grades Edition

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Simon Edvinsson: The Wildest Wildcard? - Scouching

One of my frustrations with prospect scouting reports every year is that it’s a whole lot of discussion on how a kid is going to be the next this-or-that and pumping up the items they do well with very little info about the shortcomings. The 18-minute video above kind of turns that on its head. Will does a fantastic job of laying out why Simon Edvinsson isn’t already a Norris-caliber guy and why a team would take him in the first round.

FWIW the discussion about how he might be best-suited as the more defensive-minded partner for an offensive blueliner makes me pretty excited. I think we might have just the guy for him.

Around the League

NHL Draft grades 2021: Final grades, analysis for all 32 teams - Sporting News

Detroit Red Wings: B+

Best Selection: Shai Buium (36th)

The Red Wings continue to show that they love their big defenders, drafting Simon Edvinsson with the sixth-overall pick and then adding Buium in the second round; both look to be on the path to wear the red and white. They traded up in the first to draft goaltender Sebastian Cossa, which was surprising given that Jesper Wallstedt was still on the board. Some of their swings in the later rounds could pan out as NHL regulars as well, such as Red Savage and Liam Dower Nilsson.

Eh I can live with this.  Ottawa got a D-minus. Nobody got an F because they decided to give Montreal no grade.