Quick Hits: The Mask-cots Edition

In Red Wings Land

Not knowing whether to scream or get one for myself is a weird feeling.

WOOD TV8 on Friday, for those of you who can tune in. Sometime in the early evening.

Around the NHL

Source - NHL hub choices down to just six cities - ESPN

Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver have made the cut so far, with Pittsburgh and Dallas eliminated Tuesday. Columbus was scratched off the list Monday.

One of those is definitely going to be Vegas, so take your pick of the others. It’ll be weird if they choose Chicago. I’m not certain how they’ll end up playing all those games outdoors during the summer.

Bonus (Paywall)

Anonymous ‘player’ poll: NHL mascots dish on each other, pants and more - The Athletic

Chandeliers aren’t mascots.

The mascots who answered overwhelmingly don’t feel that Al counts.  I agree with them on this topic, but I also really like that burn.

Plenty of other good stuff in there. Gnash is more popular than I realized.