Quick Hits: The Mid-January Start Edition

In Red Wings Land

‘Everybody can skate’: Red Wings prospect Moritz Seider gets up to speed in Swedish League - Detroit News

The prized blue-line prospect told hosts of the “Locked On Red Wings Podcast” that the decision basically came down to the amount of games he’ll have the chance to play with his pro team in Sweden, vs. the amount of game action he’d see by representing Germany at the World Juniors.

“I think I would miss up to 16 games during (that) time,” Seider said. “We’re just finding the best way, personally, for me, was probably staying here and playing a lot of games, especially in December. It’s always busy around Christmas and New Year’s.”

Good read on Seider’s appearance. I like this kid’s outlook and the kind of work he’s getting in right now.

Around the NHL

NHL, NHLPA eye Jan. 13 start, 10-day camps - TSN

According to Dreger, there will be no more discussions on proposed financial changes to the memorandum of understanding outlining the terms of the CBA. On Sunday, the NHLPA proposed more deferred money, according to Dreger, but didn’t include an increase in escrow percentage at any point.

As others have pointed out, this essentially means all the owners’ trying to strongarm the players into changing an agreement they signed in July was horseshit and we’re getting two weeks’ worth of delay on the season for no good reason. But hey January 13th is International Skeptics Day!

Penguins told AHL coach to ‘stay quiet’ about wife’s sexual assault, lawsuit says - TSN

The Skaldes also allege in their 22-page claim that they learned of “countless other episodes of inappropriate conduct by Mr. Donatelli, sexual and otherwise, which apparently the Penguins were aware of but did little or nothing to stop. Donatelli’s misconduct… was well-known by the Penguins management, but tolerated because he was a successful coach.”

Yikes. Gross stuff here. Perhaps most-disturbing in how these stories keep coming out is how few of the national reporters ever get these kinds of reports.

Speaking of Westhead: