Quick Hits: The Mixed Emotions Edition

In Red Wings Land

Darren Helm has “mixed emotions” about joining Avalanche after 14 years with Red Wings - Denver Post

“Mixed emotions. Been here for a long time,” Helm said about leaving Detroit — likely for just one year. “I’ve raised a family here. I’m sure this will be home for my family when we’re done. (But) when I heard the news that everything had happened (with Colorado), I was extremely excited. Just really looking forward to playing with the Avs and being on a contending team.”

No easy way to say “I like it here but I want another chance at a cup before my career is over”, but mixed emotions is a great term for it.

Around the League

Sinclair Must Renew Deal With NBA, NHL to Keep In-Market Streaming For Bally Sports App - The Streamable

“You know we are the only buyer for those, you know, there is no one else they can be sold to,” Ripley said. “So, we have a relatively good position.”

Ripley wouldn’t go into detail regarding specifics surrounding the negotiations, other than to say that negotiations were “productive.”

Get ready to run deep into the offseason before we hear whether we’ll even be able to watch the Wings on don’t-call-us-Fox-Sports-Detroit