Quick Hits: The More Info is Good Info Edition

In Red Wings Land

How Detroit Tigers, Red Wings are helping train election workers and increasing voter awareness - Detroit Free Press

The arena wasn’t needed as a voting center but the state had a “critical need” to find a safe place to train the volunteers during the pandemic, according to Jamie Langdon, Ilitch Holdings’ vice president of communications.

This clipped section is the entirety of the Wings-related info that was not included in the press release from the team we put in QH a couple days ago, but the story also shares additional info on what the Tigers and Pistons are doing.

Around the NHL

What Happens When Alison Lukan Finds Her People - Asking for Directions

Lukan fully supports fans who want their sports sans technical analysis, and she welcomes the opportunity to educate those who have questions. She also stands by a belief common among NHL coaches: Players only need to grasp the underlying concepts that analytics address — they don’t need to digest the metrics.

That’s why her questions to players and coaches are far from math quizzes.

“My challenge is to take a statistical or analytical revelation or concept and turn it into talk that relates to how players and coaches think the game,” Lukan said. “For me, I love the challenge, because it means I have to know what I’m talking about. I hate not knowing what I’m talking about. If I’m going to go ask Seth Jones about puck retrievals or shot assists, and he will push back and ask whether I’m talking about this or this, I have to be able to answer that question. I love that translation factor.

Alison Lukan is always a fantastic read and it’s for the reasons laid out in this clipping. She’s not from an analytics background and self-taught, but keeps first-and-foremost the idea that what she’s doing isn’t for everybody and that there is always a kind of tension between wanting to get the subjective and objective information available.