Quick Hits: The More Lawyers Edition

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Bruins hire Third party investigators led by former attorney general to investigate player vetting process - SCoC

A nice gesture on paper, it always helps to have an independent eye looking at your front office if they do something wrong, but if you’ve rolled your eyes at any point reading that statement, I don’t blame you. While I’m confident that this group will put in the work towards investigating just how the hell this happened, it’s pretty clear that either a number of scouts or the people who took those scouts at their word (Neely, Sweeney) will end up being the common denominator here, if it hasn’t been done already.

Nicholson regrets not doing more to address off-ice misconduct at Hockey Canada - Rick Westhead

“I can’t tell you the exact number of NDAs that were signed,” he said. “I know that where there were payouts there were NDAs signed under the Graham James situation. There have been others that are there from staff in the past.”