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Friday Four: Stay in the NHL, or be returned to major junior? - Sportsnet

We’re at the point now where teams have to decide whether to keep these players on the NHL roster and “burn” a year of their entry-level contracts, or send them down to avoid that. Once an under-20 player plays in their 10th game, that year on the ELC counts. (Important to note: a full “year of service” doesn’t count until a player gets to 40 games played. Players can become UFA eligible after seven years of service in the NHL. So while Year 1 of the ELC will count after 10 games, a player won’t be a year closer to UFA status until Game 40.)

I remember this discussion with Raymond last year and I like the Wings choice.

Should the Leafs trade for Jakob Chychrun? - PPP

No, of course not. The Leafs need another iffy left-shooting defender with a reputation bigger than his ability like they need another defender on IR.

Any team trading for Chychrun now, while Arizona can ask for two first-round picks or top prospects who haven’t had multiple surgeries on their knees, is taking a gamble. Gambling teams need to have a lot of things to gamble with, so they don’t value them as much, and they also can’t be in a position of actual need for the player.

The Leafs used to be gamblers like this. They used to take chances, and add contracts and it was fun and exciting and the stakes were nothing more than the risk some guy would type something in the Toronto Sun that was negative about your choice — after the fact, when it’s easy to be condescendingly smarter than that GM in the glasses.

I like the way this article is written.