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Quick Hits: The Mourning CapFriendly Edition

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Photo by Sudan Ouyang on Unsplash

Hey, gang! Hope your weekend was peaceful. Not much to talk about in Red Wings world to start the week, so we’ll focus on what’s going on around the NHL. We’ll start with the unfortunate news of CapFriendly.

Elliotte Friedman broke the news yesterday that the fan-favorite salary cap tracking site/tool has been bought by the Washington Capitals:

“It won’t happen until July, but according to multiple sources, the Washington Capitals have reached an agreement to purchase the outstanding CapFriendly website.

These same sources stressed that both the Capitals and CapFriendly wanted the site to be publicly available and independently operated through the 2024 NHL Draft and the start of free agency, so it is not expected the sale will be official until at least July 5.”

Obviously terrible news for fans. I use CapFriendly on an almost daily basis. There are other sites out there that provide a similar service, but this one was my favorite. Sad to see it go, and a big “F U” to the Capitals. No matter how hard you try, we still know what Tom Wilson’s contract looks like.

In other news, Sergei Bobrovsky was the star of the show in game one of the Stanley Cup Final. Bob pitched a shutout against the Edmonton Oilers on home ice, giving his team a one-game edge in the series.

I don’t know about you.. but watching a goalie making a save like that gets me fired up.

Game two is set for tonight in Sunrise with puckdrop slated for 8:00 PM ET. Edmonton should try and score a goal.. or maybe try playing some defense a little better.

Finally, the NHL announced over the weekend that next year’s salary cap will rise to $88 million, an increase of some $4.5 million from last season.

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