Quick Hits: The Moving On Edition

In Red Wings Land

Au Rev-Roy! Remembering the night Detroit Red Wings destroyed hated Colorado Avalanche - Freep

“You imagine and pray for something like this, but you don’t realistically think it’s going to happen,” Wings forward Brett Hull said. “A couple of us talked on the bench. We just said, ‘We keep looking up at the clock in disbelief at the score.’ ”

I remember I was terrified going into that game.  The game six victory was the infamous Statue of Liberty Goal that had me convinced a thoroughly embarrassed Patrick Roy would use to run ice in his veins and stonewall the Wings in game seven.  Then the goals started coming quickly and just like Hull, I reached a point where I simply could not believe what was going on.  That was the end of any fear I had about Patrick Roy being an effective goaltender.  His career kept going after that, but that’s just a technicality.  That 7-0 game ended him.

Around the League

NHL Power Rankings: Top potential free agents for 2022 offseason - NBC

1. Johnny Gaudreau. Gaudreau picked a heck of a team to have a career year and be the second-leading scorer in the NHL. Gaudreau is an incredible talent, one of the most productive players in the league, and is still at an age where he should have a lot of productive hockey ahead of him. Whether it is Calgary or somewhere else, he is going to cash in this offseason.

There’s 25 guys on this list and I’d be ok with a good number of them, but I’m only breaking the bank on a small handful.  If we sign Kris Letang I will be very upset.