Quick Hits: The Moving On Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings set to face old friend, teammate Anthony Mantha in Washington - Detroit News

“It will be strange,” Larkin said. “I’ve talked to him, he was back here in the summer training here. I expect him to be highly motivated and when we’ve seen that out of him, he can be a dangerous player.  We have to be ready. They’re playing well right now and they can score, so we have to defend.”

You think that’s a subtle jab at him not always being highly motivated?

Around the League

There’s so much to unpack about this story and it’s not finished yet.  Not really a great place to start other than that without the reporting of folks like Rick Westhead, the Blackhawks almost certainly would not have even taken these steps.

Remember that early in this process, they concluded an internal investigation that found no wrongdoing at all.

Now Bowman is out and has effectively thrown John McDonough under the bus. Gary Bettman has stated that he’ll be having conversations with Kevin Cheveldayoff in Winnipeg and Joel Quenneville in Florida now.

There’s so much here to be mad about.