Quick Hits: The Mr. Bright-Seider Edition

In Red Wings Land

It’s only fair that Edmonton should have to trade Draisaitl to Detroit so he and Seider can continue their friendship.

Speaking of which, take it, Teddy!

Red Wings prospects Svechnikov, Seider enter key periods in their careers - The Detroit News

“The first thing Svech has to do is find a way to earn his way on the team and earn his way into minutes,” Blashill said. “As he earns those opportunities, we can start seeing how high he can go (in the lineup), but you have to start by making the team and earning more minutes. Those aren’t handed out to anybody.

“It starts with earning trust and he’s worked real hard. He’s an extremely hard working person in practice and off the ice and he wants to be a great player.”

There’s a lot more info than that in this grab-bag post.

Around the NHL

Rod Brind’Amour’s take on the NHL’s playoff format, empty arena games and his training camp plan - ESPN

I think it’s going to be way different, only because it’s not like a training camp where you got 50 guys and you have three weeks to practice and then play six meaningless games in preseason and you got all that buildup before things start ramping up. It’s going to be way more, almost as if you just pick up where you left off. You can’t come out of the gate and go hard, you’ll have to ramp it up. I’ll have to rely a lot on my strength coaches to say how are we going to do this, because I think I’d probably err on being a little too aggressive at the beginning.

Kaplan asks some really interesting questions here and I like Brind’Amour’s honesty in answering them. He talks about Martinook being one of two player reps voting against the proposal and the thoughts behind that, as well as a number of other topics.