Quick Hits: The Nest-Kicking Edition

In Red Wings Land

‘Good solution’: Red Wings enjoying new schedule format with less travel - Detroit News

“I like it. You can be in bed earlier and there’s less travel. It is easier on the body,” Nemeth said. “The second game (of the series) should be really good. It can be a small playoff series, or that’s what it feels like anyway.

“I can see us keeping it in the future. If you’re flying out to the West Coast, you can play your season series there instead of bouncing back and forth. So when you’re on the road, you’re on the road, and when you’re home, you’re home for a stretch.”

Interesting consideration that they condensed the schedule and the players actually get more rest.

Around the NHL

A statement from the Ice Garden

We know separate members of TIG staff have spoken publicly in support of Eleni Demestihas, but we would like as a group to unequivocally voice our complete commitment to supporting her and anyone else who has been harassed, attacked, or otherwise harmed by the actions of people who are not and will never be on the side of inclusion, diversity, and human decency.

If you’re not familiar with what prompted this, what happened is that the CEO of Barstool sports posted a weird video taking shots at people who criticize their toxic bullshit and knowingly included names to get their followers to do what Barstool followers do to people who displease the hive.  The hive acted as they always do and again that site continues to act like “how dare anybody not want the attention of the worst people on the internet.”

I know there are fans of that site reading this. It’s foolish to pretend they don’t have a large following. They do.  If it comes to where you’re forced to decide between supporting them and supporting us, then all I can do is thank you for the time you’ve given us and wish you well on your way.