Quick Hits: The New Again Edition

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What it’s like to be traded in the NHL and why adjusting can be tough - Sportsnet

The best comparison I’ve heard for being a freshly traded player is that it’s like being at someone else’s house, even when they tell you you’ve got full run of the place. You don’t wear your shoes in the house, you don’t put your feet up and you just generally try to err on the side of being polite and cautious. That’s what it’s like in a new dressing room because every team has their own little rituals and customs, and you don’t want to start on anyone’s bad side. Comfortable as you may be, it’s not the same as it being yours.

Nothing really surprising as being new to a team situation isn’t exactly a unique thing to NHLers, but it’s always nice to remember there’s a whole lot of human feelings that come into these kinds of things that aren’t well-accounted for when we’re making surface-level EA style player trades online.