Quick Hits: The New Looks Edition

In Red Wings Land

Sporting News Mount Rushmores: See the iconic athletes for our 13 pro cities

If you’ve got to pick just one Red Wing, then Gordie Howe still has to be that guy.

Gretchen Sanewsky named Disability Pride Month Game Changers honoree - Detroit Red Wings

“Inclusion, for me, is really a two-way street,” Sanewsky said. “People with disabilities don’t just benefit from their work. We see how everyone in the community benefits from their talents and abilities that were probably never previously displayed.”

As The Arc expands to assist more people, Sanewsky is thrilled for its future. In addition to hiring more staff, Sanewsky said the organization is currently moving into a larger building in Canton, Mich.

This is a good point.  You don’t really have to go out of your way to include people. Just treat them like people.  That’s what they are.

Around the League

Adidas won’t seek to renew NHL uniform and apparel deal after 2023-24 season, league says - ESPN

The NHL is also in a long-term deal with Fanatics, a partner since 2005. Fanatics has been the official manufacturer of a broad range of NHL apparel and headwear, including replica jerseys, since the 2017-18 season. It runs the NHL’s e-commerce retail site and operates on-site retail at numerous NHL events.

It’s interesting that Wysh mentions the league says all of this and also says Adidas is the party that wants out. I haven’t seen any statements from them, but I’m wondering why they want out.  Is the NHL looking to double their revenue off this again like they did when the switched from Reebok?