Quick Hits: The No Tampa-Ring in Lakeland Florida Edition

In Red Wings Land

Christopher Ilitch mum on possible Red Wings-Steve Yzerman reunion - The Detroit News

Asked if he had reached out to Yzerman, Ilitch said, “No, we have not done that. He is under contract and we generally have a rule within our organization not talking about executives or others who are under contract with another organization.

“There’s not a lot I can say about that other than I know his contract is expiring this summer, and leave it at that.”

While I appreciate reporters asking Ilitch this question while he’s talking Tigers in Lakeland, you also have to appreciate the diplomatic way Ilitch framed the response, which is basically “uh... that’s tampering.”

Around the League

NHL Playoff Watch Daily - Playoff chances, Lose for Hughes projections and more - ESPN

It’s that time of year where we star tracking the magic/tragic numbers. Looks like Detroit is nearing final elimination from the playoff race and will have about an 11.5% shot at winning the Hughes lottery. It’s going to be real tough to let the Senators overtake them.