Quick Hits: The North America vs the World Edition

In Red Wings Land

Which lineup?

I think it’s World, and it’s not close.

With all due respect to the MANY fantastic hockey players on the North America team, having the best goalie of all time* is a big deal, as well as a top 2** all-time defenseman and so many amazing forwards is a clear delineator for me.

*fight me. :)

** I’d argue Lidstrom for #1, but I can definitely see the argument for Orr.

I’m really high on McIsaac.

Around the NHL

NHL extends self-quarantine deadline again, to April 30

I’ve said a few times that I believe this season is over. As someone who loves hockey, I would love to be wrong, as long as everyone involved can be safe.
This is the third time the NHL has extended the deadline, though deputy commissioner Bill Daly said last month that the league was "biting this off in chunks." The previous deadline was April 15.

NHL Seattle donates $1 million to coronavirus relief
You love to see it.
Of the $1 million donation, $800,000 will go to the United Way of King County's Community Relief Fund to support the Office of Sustainability and Environment's (OSE) expanded grocery voucher program, which will provide 1,000 workers impacted by coronavirus with $800 vouchers that can immediately be used at any Washington state Safeway store to purchase food and household goods. The city will continue to raise funds with the goal of providing an additional 1,000 recently displaced workers with the grocery vouchers.