Quick Hits: The Not Enough Thoughts Edition

In Red Wings Land

Stats Tell the Story About Red Wings in Early Going - DetHockeyNow

But it isn’t helping that Andrew Copp hasn’t scored in his first nine games. The Red Wings need offense from Copp, particularly considering the top players they have out of the lineup.

“Probably a little rust there from missing camp,” Derek Lalonde said. “I think he’s also a little bit in the pressing situation. He’s competitive, he’s hard to play against, he plays in every situation for us and is extremely productive in every situation. I like where his game is at. Do you see a little frustration in that he probably wants a little bit more?

“Maybe. But that’s why he’s the special player, competitive player he is.”

At some point Copp is going to get hot and the narrative is going to change that he’s arrived and then at the end of the season the overall look at the stats are going to be very worried and I’m not telling anybody how to feel as much as I’m just making a guess at what to expect.

Sure I’m worried Copp isn’t lighting the world on fire right now. There’s really no good for me to try making any kind of definitive statement at this point unless I’m super-worried about bragging rights that I don’t feel particularly drawn towards having. If he sucks forever then I’m going to be miserable and no amount of telling people I called it before anybody else is going to make me feel one iota better.

Dude should just start scoring soon so we don’t have to worry about it.

Around the League

32 Thoughts: Senators preparing for a sale to new ownership - Sportsnet

Conversations are also (quietly) underway to settle the lawsuits from those failed talks. It’s been suggested that there’s progress, but nothing is done until it’s done. Ottawa also extended (or began conversations to extend) some employees — such as assistant coaches and AHL coaches — for security heading into the unknown.

What a mess.

I like him though.

17. Pittsburgh’s Bryan Rust scored a goal on Oct. 13 that was labelled a “poke,” which seemed like something new. And it is. The NHL added four new shot types this season — poke, bat, cradle and between-the-legs. Anze Kopitar, Michael Rasmussen and Sam Steel also have poke goals, with Justin Danforth adding a “bat.” I haven’t seen the other two yet, but they exist.

Heh, poke goal.

(Also there are only 23 items in this 32 thoughts list).