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Quick Hits: The Not Going Dark Edition

First Thing’s First

I’m real glad we don’t have to go dark and that my good friends don’t have to strike.

In Red Wings Land

Fun fact: My appreciation for Slava Kozlov is the reason that I was all-in on the Pavel Datsyuk hype train from his rookie season and all the way through the growing pains when people were saying he’d never put it all together.

I’m just glad if those three names are eliminated.  All the non-talk about guys in the Tampa organization is intentional though.

Around the League

Quick Shifts: How 2023’s superstar UFAs could shake up this summer – Sportsnet

A contender like St. Louis must decide if captain Ryan O’Reilly (likely) and sniper Vladimir Tarasenko (less so) will be part of a longer window, while an up-and-comer like Detroit needs to figure out if captain Dylan Larkin and power forward Tyler Bertuzzi are the ones to lead a young core.

At the risk of having this out in the universe and accidentally making it happen, I’m terrified of the idea of a trade with Chicago for one of their two very expensive pieces of hockey player that I don’t want anywhere near my hockey team.

Obviously one is easier to stomach than the other but I don’t want anybody that was considered a leader in that locker room in 2010.

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