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NHL proposal being ‘reviewed,’ mandatory quarantine remains in place, Canada’s top health official says - The Toronto Star

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for assistance in coming up with a solution to allow NHL players based outside of Canada to get into the country.

They should try asking politely IMO.

31 Thoughts: Fun week, but high hurdles remain for NHL resumption - Sportsnet

The Return to Play committee put in legit work. It wasn’t easy, and not everyone was happy, but no one faulted the effort. And, as difficult as that was, putting together the 22-page protocol for Stage II of the return process might have been even more challenging. It doesn’t even require mandatory attendance for players, so imagine what it will take to complete the protocols for Stages III and IV, which involve training camps and games, respectively.

The process will be detail-oriented and intense.

I have to admit that this was really funny to read after the post from RMNB outlining all of the ways the Stage II protocol passes the buck and engenders assumed liability for the players above all else.

15. When I began a conversation with Detroit’s Sam Gagner, he was finishing a 75-minute online Harvard Business School class. Dominic Moore sold him on the idea, and Gagner was reviewing a case study. Is he thinking about his life after hockey?

“More recently than I ever have in the past,” Gagner answered. “I’m always going to try and stay in the game in some capacity, and the development side appeals to me. I’ve had to try and develop myself — grow in a lot of different ways — and I like the idea of helping other kids. I’m not sure I’d want to coach.”

Make no mistake about it, though — he still wants to play.

“I’d play another 10 years if I could, although I’m not sure they’ll let me,” he laughed.

Gotta ask Ken Holland.

(Points 16-18 go into greater detail on Gagner as well, but QH isn’t about posting entire articles so you folks can avoid having to click through.  Give it a read!)